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Water is the essential element to person’s life-sustaining next
to the air. It is hard for mankind to survive longer than 72 hours
(3 days) without being supplied with water but it is possible to be
alive up to 90 days in the situation that water is available without
nutrition supply. So it is evident that drinking good water is
essential to your health and longevity.
Our body is made of 70% water. Water as body fluid (blood)
carries nutrients to every corner of the body and plays an important
role to excrete the accumulated waste from the body.
Ordinary people excrete average 3ℓ of waste per day from their
body and repeat metabolism to keep their body healthy.
※ A cup of water circulates the body in order of mouth -> stomach -> bowel -> blood -> cells and is excreted from the body,
which takes about 100 days to go through the whole cycle.
The word ion means a charged atom or atom, English physicist and chemist Michael Faraday found then-unknown species
that goes from one electrode to the other through an aqueous medium during electrolysis and introduced this term to name
it ION meaning ‘spilt’ in the Greek. Faraday also introduced the words anion for a negatively charged ion, and cation for a
positively charged on. These two atoms or charged atoms are collectively referred to as ‘ion’. The process that neutral atoms or
molecules are ionized is called as Ionization or electrolytic dissociation.
Tap water does not consist of pure water only but various kinds of minerals are contained in the tap water. The minerals have
electrical properties and are divided into positive pole (+) and negative pole (-) if charged with electricity.
The water ionizer is a device using this principle to generate alkaline ionized water good as drinking water in the negative pole (-)
and acidic ionized water beneficial to the skin in the positive pole (+) through electrolyzing the minerals contained in the water
by applying DC voltage to the electrolyzer with diaphragms between the electrodes using electrical energy after purifying water
perfectly. This water ionizer was approved as a medical instrument for home use which has been defined as a medicated water
electrolysis apparatus according to the pharmaceutical Law.
The pH level of the human body is normally ranged within 7.35 and 7.45 of alkalescence and it will greatly harm the health if the
level goes down lower than 6.8. The ionized water that is the best for drinking water rich in anions not only dissolves and
neutralize the waste in the body and excretes it from the body but also keeps the constitution maintained alkalescent by delivering
nutrients and oxygen to the cells.