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We reduce the development lead time and enhance the quality a level higher by thoroughly reflecting not only the problem found in the existing products but also all customer requirements and even up to emotional needs from the design stage, comply with the standards in each development stage and strengthen verification.
We secure the best quality of parts under the spirit of win-win strategy with partner companies in the quality management system, strengthening of competitiveness and sourcing of the best quality from the global sources.
We have achieved the highest quality level in the manufacturing of the products through a systematic process management and continuous monitoring based on the excellent and skilled human resources and optimized manufacturing facilities.
We are implementing a systematic and statistical techniques and company-wide QC circles in order to achieve zero defect rate. We are also trying to enhance our global competitiveness further by promoting the target in conjunction to management innovation activities.
We are immediately responding to and improving the problem through real-time integrated management and analysis of the information on the product quality obtained from the product design stage up to warranty stage by using an ERP systems.