2016.04 CE certificate acquired (Model:SM-S230TL)
2016.02 Top winner of Brand Power awarded by Money Today (in Alkaline water ionizer)
2015.10 Acquired of Patent for water ionizer that can supply sterilized water and alkaline water simultaneously (No. 10-1564594)
2015.01 Developed water ionizer in touch LCD(5"7") (external USD upgraded system)
2014.09 2014 Developed and started exporting Strong acidic/alkaline water ionizer
2014.04 Launched alkaline water ionizer new model (I-110, I-210)
2014.04 Islamic Halal certificate acquired EN-7P (water ionizer)
2013.06 Japan Ministry of Health and Welfare, permission for food item JP-107(water ionizer)
2013.05 CE certificate acquired (European quality certificate) EN-7P(water ionizer)
2013.04 Top winner of Brand Power awarded by Money Today
2012.01 Merged and acquired Korean Medi Co., Ltd
2011.08 Developed a large scale natural sterilized water maker
2011.05 Developed and delivered a sterilized water kit(Jointly developed with LG)
2011.03 Launched a high-frequency depilator
Developed a beauty equipment IPL for home use
2010.12 Launched iontophoresis 2 kinds (stick ion and ion mini)
2010.11 Expanded a company building with total floor space of 1052.09㎡
2010.09 Attended in Korea Functional Water Academy Fall Conference
2010.06 Participated in 10th China International Healthcare Exhibition
2010.05 Attended in Korea Functional Water
Academy Fall Conference
2010.04 Merged Tomato Bidet and established Bidet Division
2010.02 Attended China Guangzhou Export/Import Commodities Fair (107th Canton Fair)
2010.01 Visited by Bucheon Mayor (In the course of tour to Excellent SME in Bucheon)
Appointed as a Vice Chairman of Korean Functional Water Academy
(CEO Kwon Soon-Seon)
2010 Started Bidet business,,
Shipped bidets to Korea/Hanssam,
Developed a strong sour water machine ,
Developed an air purifier
Established Beauty Equipment Division