Ionia has played a pivotal role in the development of water ionizer products
in Korea and is reorganizing its structure into a highly profitable business
structure based on the core competence it has accumulated so far in
order to be reborn as a first-class enterprise creating a future
customer’s value.

We are making indefinite efforts to deliver new value to customers and to create new future bringing the prosperity of human
society through an ceaseless technology development, self-innovation and bold investment and achieved good results
launching medical products using rays such as dental perception overreaction (pain, toothache) products and
skin related IPL products in 2012.

We will continue to make a change and effort to be a company trusted by its customers through not only technology
development for the best quality product but also from the fostering of talented persons to the corporate
culture such as open management, sharing management, etc.

Our creative challenge to the provision of safer and more comfortable life based on the leading edge technology will provide
all of our customers with much pleasure and greater happiness. I hope you show us your great affection and attention to
the happy future Ionia is pursuing.